About Us

We are continuously innovating and improving our processes in order to aid our clients in achieving the best returns, as well as assisting debtors to eradicate the daunting nature of enforcement

Why Empira?

Our Approach

By utilising our industry leading technology and the analytic tools at our disposal, and by acting fairly and proportionally, we ensure effective recovery. At every stage in the enforcement process we identify and support vulnerable customers to ensure a positive outcome.


Compliance and GDPR

Our compliance team ensure that we are at the pinnacle of industry standards. Keeping client and customer data secure is always at the forefront of our minds and our helpful staff are always there to make sure that the customer journey is as seamless as possible.


High Court Enforcement Officers Association (HCEOA)

James Metcalfe, a director of Empira, is our resident High Court Enforcement Officer, allowing us to execute High Court Writs and other orders. For further information, please see the High Court Enforcement Officers Association's website.

Civil Enforcement Association (CIVEA)

As members of CIVEA, we exceed the National Standards by following their Code of Practice.

Enforcement Conduct Board (ECB) Accredited

We are ECB accredited member. The purpose of the Enforcement Conduct Board (ECB) is to ensure that all those who are subject to enforcement action in England and Wales are fairly treated. More Information can be found here.

International Parking Community

Empira are members of the Accredited Service Provider's scheme, administered by the International Parking Community, allowing us to enforce unpaid parking charges imposed on private land.

Information Commissioner's Office

Empira are registered with the ICO as data controllers with registration number ZB014680.


Our Services

PCN Enforcement
Parking Charge Enforcement
Business Rates
Business Rates
High Court
High Court
Council tax
Council Tax
Commercial Rent Arrears (CRAR) & Commercial Lease Forfeiture
Removal of Unauthorised Encampment
Sundry Debt